DVC - Q2, 2022 (A3) Business Update

DVC - Q3, 2022 (A4) Business Update

DVC - Q4, 2022 (B1) Business Update

DVC - Q1, 2023 (B2) Business Update

DVC - Q2, 2023 (B3) Business Update

If you know someone who might become a value-added member for DVC, please don't hesitate to introduce them. Here's the link for our intake form: Apply to fund

And our blurb:

DVC is currently backed by 99+ investors, including many active unicorn founders, GPs of VC firms, and angel investors. Most of us have a tech background, some of us also bring finance, artistic or content creator experience. Active and most value-added investors in our community become Deal Advisors, Deal Captains, or Venture Partners in the fund and share the carried interest.

And in case you haven't joined our Discord (and other resources) here are the links:

We wish you and your loved ones peace, freedom, safety, and prosperity.

Sending hugs your way,

Nick, Marina, and the DVC Team

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